Sunday, September 8, 2013

25 things to know about me

Since I'm a name and a face and I'm relatively new to this whole blog thing, I thought I should make a list of things to know about me.  Most are weird, because I'm a weird gal :)

  1. I'm SUPER allergic to pineapple.  I didn't used to be, and I found out that allergies are developed and not something your born with :(  I miss Pina Coladas most of all.
  2. I am the only girls I know who hates shoe shopping.  After three kids, I went from being a size ten to being a size 11 and a half..wide.  All the cute shoes stopped a size and a half ago.
  3. I regularly bite my husband when he makes me happy.  Don't know why, but it just feels right.
  4. If I'm having a shitty day, or feeling bad about myself, painting my nails is the quickest fix for those blues.  
  5. I make a MEAN bowl of cheddar broccoli soup (been debating whether to post my recipe).
  6. When I'm stressed, I bake.  Ben can usually tell if the kids were a handful by the amount of baked goods on the counter.
  7. I can't read just one book.  I have to read at least 2 books at once.
  8. I have a green dot on the tip of my big toe on my right foot.  It is a piece of pencil tip that stabbed my toe when I was 11.
  9. Because of #8, I go apeshit when my kids leave their pencils on the ground.
  10. I have a thing about bathrooms...I hate them.  I don't use public restrooms, unless it is life or death or my kids have to.  Even then I feel the need for a Purell bath. 
  11. My right shoulder slips in and out of place because I fell out of a mango tree.  
  12. I pick at my face...A LOT...and I'm an Esthetician, so I know better!!
  13. I did not get my drivers license until I was 22.  Ben drove all the time.  He bought me a car when I was 20, and I just coasted on a learners permit because I was too chicken to take the driving test.  
  14. I have 4 childrens stories written, all inspired by things my daughters have said or done, that they like for me to read to them.
  15. I am Harry Potter and Disney obsessed.  Shamelessly obsessed.
  16. I am absolutely horrible about mailing out gifts and cards on time.  I ALWAYS ALWAYS get the cards and gifts and cards early, but I always somehow manage to send them out about a week late.
  17. I am terrified to my very core of clowns. :Shivers:
  18. My girls are a definite source of laughter.  They once cried when my husband mowed the lawn because he was "killing all the grass".  
  19. Sauteed onions always remind me if my husband.  We grew to like each other while learning Culinary skills in high school.  
  20. Salvador Dali is one of my all time favorite artists and somehow I have never been to his museum in Tampa :(
  21. I collect scarves.  I mean, I wear them too, but it's almost compulsive when I buy them.
  22. I am 5' 11"
  23. I shave my legs with olive oil after finding out all of whats in shaving cream.  
  24. I have a bucket list.  I just don't call it that; I call it my Excitement list.  I have a lot checked off, but I keep adding to it lol.  
  25. I am actually really scared and sensitive about this blog.  I really enjoy doing it, but haven't shared the address with everyone I know. 
  1. I got a case of ringworm (eww, I know) as a kid that was so bad, I actually have scars.
  2. I feel that my whole life has been preparing me to be a mom.  It is the best job I have ever had.  There is nothing that makes me happier than being a constant presence for my kids.

Now you know a little bit more about me.  Share somethings about yourself down below in the comments section!!!

Hugs til later,


  1. Yay love it! You are not alone on the clownophobia or the driving late lol.. Great blogging, Keep it going I look forward to more.

    1. I'm a late bloomer! Sayin' it loud and proud! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. It means a lot.

  2. -I LOATHE dirty floors, can't stand walking around and ending up with dirty feet in my own home.
    -I can't drink milk or eat ice cream without paying for it later
    -I LOVE spaghetti and we have it weekly (though it's tough on my tummy)
    -I love tree frogs and geckos.. you'll see them around our house
    -Dirtbiking accident in high school resulted in major knee surgery
    -surgery in HS is the reason I joined the Army not marine corps
    -I don't have tonsils

    1. I didn't know ANY of that! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. And keep on blogging!!!! I absolutely love it

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your support so much!

  4. I hate bathrooms too, can't even bring myself to clean the ones in our house. My hubby has to clean them on his day off. Enjoyed reading this about you. I would love if you posted your soup recipe, especially since we are living in cold country now. We're probably gonna be eating alot of soup!

    1. I'm making my soup tonight, so after I upload the photos, I'll type up the blog post! My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

  5. #3 It's probably because your secretly a vampire fighting your urges for the joy of human blood and you dont want to tell us the truth because then you have to explain to some idiots why you don't sparkle. #5 Yes please...or you can secretly just send it to me.. I promise I won't give your secret away and if I do I give you permission to kill me.. this is proof <----- #12 the big scab on my face wants me to tell you...guilty #15 STORY OF MY LIFE NOW AND FOREVER #25 PSH!!! PLEASE!!! DOOOO ITTT!! you're great at it!

    1. Thanks! I guess the secret recipe will be out soon! I hope youll enjoy the recipe as much as we do!