Monday, November 11, 2013

Domestic Do's

Being that this blog is entitled Domesticated Glitter, I thought maybe, just maybe I should post something related to the home!  About time right??

So if you're anything like me, then you're probably mildly addicted to Pinterest.  I have my "closet" filled with clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry I will never own because I can't help but wonder if breast milk will stain it or if fudgesicle fingerprints can be hidden by the pattern.  Now that I've veered off course already, let's get back on track!  The my second favorite pinboard I use (first being my recipe one) is my "Good Ideas".  It's kind of a mixed nuts board.  All kinds of shit, but the point is I can actually do the things on that board and not just envision the Martha me doing it (I'm looking at you DIY pinboard...ya bitch). 

Pinterest is filled with ideas that are either completely (and realistically) doable or complete batshit crazy impossible.  I have yet to find the middle ground or finances to prove otherwise.  So in keeping, or rather, trying to keep with my domesticated theme and image, I've compiled a list of Do's: Chore Edition.  Do's work like rent is due!  I'll be sure to include a link to my Pinterest account below because I need you to love me in all my facets.  Oh, and links to the original sites (or pins because this post has been a ROYAL pain in my ass!) are included because I don't step on toes.  Shall we begin??

The List:

**Visit this pin for a great run down on using alternative cleaning products that are probably lying around in your pantry.

1.  The Best stain remover ever:  is in fact pretty damn accurate!  I know the blog says it's for pit stains but I gave it a crack at other stains too.  It pulled a cherry kool-aid stain right up.  I'd like to say that one one the girls made that stain, but I'd be lying.  Its ALWAYS me.  I'm a notorious spilled of drinks.  Sonnie has inherited this trait, bless her heart.
THE best stain remover ever. Even for old stains.

2.  If your kids are anything like mine they LOVE permanent markers.  They know full well they shouldn't be using them, but it adds to the allure I'm sure.  So it goes without saying that I've had to remove Sharpie off of many a surface and I found a pin that helps out a ton with that never ending chore.  I have tried every single one and each has been given the gold star of removal!  The pins link has been flagged for spam so I'm just putting the pic down below :)

3. Here is another link to a pin that has an awesome picture of several great cleaners for everything from oven racks to carpet stains and even a handy recipe for your very own wrinkle release spray!  Again, its the link to a pin, because I was having trouble with a direct link.  I ain't computer savvy, ya dig?

4. This link is the whole reason I even started this blog post!  It works like a charm every G.D. time!  My shower always gets those disgusting mildew patches (I can feel them growing right now *gag*) and I had never had luck effectively removing them...until now!  I'm super glad I pinned this because we have used it maybe 3 ties and you don't have to do it every month.  The mildew stays gone for a while.  My husband I both shower twice a day, and the girls get their shower so its about 6 showers a day and we maybe have to do this every three months.  Try it, love it.  Promise :)

Yes, this post is entirely too brief, but its packed with lots of info and because this post has been written so many times and then NOT SAVED, I am too mentally spent to continue on.  There will be a sequel in which there will be less re-typing and more saving, but for now...take what you can get.

Here's a link to my Pinterest account and please let me know if any links don't work so that I can TRY (operative word here) to fix them.  

Hugs til later,
Domesticated 1022

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