Thursday, November 21, 2013

REVIEW: Dr.Scholl's for her Cozy Cushions

Just wanted to share with you all a product I am really enjoying!
I received Dr. Scholl's for her Cozy Cushions from Influenster to sample and review (I got it for free of course!!).  I am already a HUGE lover of the good Doc.  During my first pregnancy, my heel were always realy sore so I started using the Dr. Scholl's Tri-comfort orthotics.  That was the first time I had ever used any if their products and I've been using them ever since. 

I'm always open to new things, but if given a choice I always fall back onto the same thing.  I always order the same thing at a restaurant, buy the same lotions, things like that.  So when I got a pair of the Cozy Cushions to sample I was all for it.  What can I say, I like the safe and known haha.

The package says they go up to a size 9 but my size 10 saw no problem with them.  The smallest size they fit is a 6 and your supposed to cut them to fit accordingly. 
 Just follow the nifty lines :)

They were nice and easy to open (no scissors required).  My sneakers parted ways with my other inserts and I slipped the new ones in.  I used them for the first time on Halloween.  Hey, if I'm going to test shoe inserts, I'm putting some miles on those bad boys!  It was a nice night, not too cool, but we did a good deal of walking as the minions trick or treated.  I was so glad that there was zero discomfort!  I normally always have Popsicle like toes.  Even when the house is warm.  Most of the time, if the weather is chilly, my toes are so cold they hurt.  I'm excited to try the out when it actually gets cold, but being that I live in Florida, that may not happen soon enough.  I can say that my toesies were very comfy :)


I will say that you shouldn't pair these with a thick pair of socks.  They are good and fluffy and a thick pair of socks will make for a too tight fit.  Other than that, Dr. Scholl's has done it again!

Give them a shot and tell me what you think :)

Hugs til later,

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