Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Allow me to introduce myself!

Hello Hello,

I'm Domesticated (in more ways than one).  I've been this way for almost a decade.  Got to admit, I think I'm pretty cut out for it.  I am in charge of two minions, soon to be three, and one Hubster.  I've worked off and on since getting married and becoming a mother, spending all those working hours for the now one-foot-in-the-grave Blockbuster (Hubster and I are royally obsessed with movies and this job fed an addiction more than it did anything else haha) and being a receptionist.  I'm currently a licensed Facial Specialist.  THIS I LOVE!  I love all things skin care, makeup and nail polish.  I found my other niche in this career field.  Enough about me. 

Now, let's get down to the basics of this blog :)

Let's just say that I will be ALL over the place when it comes to topics.  I'll be discussing beauty product reviews, pop culture (in brief because I don't subscribe to cable, more on that in later posts), motherhood, family, cooking, life and how to make it easier and other crap.  I'm a member of Influenster, which is this awesome site that sends you free full sized samples of products in exchange for reviewing the products and conducting brief surveys.  The added bonus is that joining is free (but you have to be invited) and that the surveys you fill out are brief and you can choose which surveys you'd like to do based on your lifestyle.  Because I'm a member, I'll sometimes do reviews of products on here if I qualify to receive a VoxBox (free goodies).  I promise to be honest in y reviews :)  I've included a link down below in case you're curious!Also, I should mention that I cuss...a lot.  Hubster is a former sailor and has a mild case of red neck.  Both of those things make him a cusser, and in turn, me a cusser.  It's true when they say that after a while couples pick up each other habits.  I'll get on my high horse about somethings but only after presenting both sides of any argument.  

So, until next time, keep checking in :)

Hugs 'til later
Domesticated1022 <3

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